One thing that I really hate is having a huge bloated stomach after eating meals. Most meals as well unfortunately! Anything that is processed and packaged makes me look like I am pregnant within a matter of hours. I am sure you know what an awful feeling this is. I now find it hard to eat large meals as I suffer with wind and that horrible full feeling that takes a good few hours to go away. I also suffer from heartburn which doesn’t make life easier – an excruciating bout of heartburn can leave me pacing the floor in agony!

Sheer misery.. and unlike in pregnancy, it doesn’t disappear when the baby is born!

Over the past six months it has really been getting me down. My clothes don’t fit anymore and I am reluctant to buy new ones to accommodate my ‘bloat’. I have slim arms and legs and am a comfortable size 12 usually but this bloatedness has left me needing to buy size 14 clothes. A whole bigger dress size due to digestive issues – how is this fair?!

And don’t get me started on support knickers – urgh! If anyone can recommend a range of underwear that actually does what it says on the label, I’d be most grateful!

Things I have tried

To attempt to eliminate these symptoms I have been on the Juiceplus diet, gone Vegan, cut out all dairy.. cut out all wheat… even cut the lot out all at once! And yes, this really helped. But it just isn’t realistic.

The GP  has diagnosed Irritable Bowel Syndrome after extensive tests to rule out anything else – but a diagnosis does not help.

Something that actually works..

I am really pleased to say though that these little capsules you can buy in the chemist really do help. Obviously not everyone suffers to the extreme’s that I do, but if you get pains in your stomach or too much wind then you need to invest in these Senocalm IBS Relief capsules. They arrived on Saturday morning and I’ve been taking them ever since. I’ve been

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