What did I get up to yesterday? Well, I only went and asked father Christmas if he could include Shaniah in his Christmas letters this year. Well okay, I will be honest, father Christmas is obviously a little bit busy around this time of the year so I decided instead of bothering the jolly old man himself, I’d ask his elves at Lapland Mailroom​.

After a quick email (yes! His elves are so modern), Elf Nicola pointed me in the direction of their website – not only do the elves have an email they even has a designated website too… Exciting!

the epileptic blogger

I followed the link laplandmailroom.com where I was then able to pick a letter that I would like father christmas to send Shaniah. There are 3 to choose from…

  • You can request a Letter only from the big man himself for only £7.95 and for a limited time only you will receive a FREE Nice Child certificate of good behaviour signed by Santa Claus or Father Christmas. Worth £2.95!
    The epileptic Blogger
  • If your little one has been extra good this year you can request a letter with an activity pack for only £8.95. You will also receive a ‘nice’ certificate for a limited time with this one too!
    The epileptic blogger
  • The third option – the one I think is super sweet… You can request a baby’s 1st Christmas letter for only £7.95 – you will also receive a nice certificate with this one too for a limited amount of time.
    The epileptic blogger

Once you have picked the one you want you can then personalise to your child by filling in a few questions.

The website is super easy to navigate and before you know it your request is sent to his elves and is confirmed within a matter of minutes.

The elves aim to send out the special letters from 2nd December onwards but they are guaranteed to be delivered before the jolly bloke in red arrives on Christmas eve!
the epileptic blogger

From now until 15th November if you use the Code XMASPROMO17 you will receive 20% off your order.

*Disclaimer: Lapland Mailroom are sending me a letter in return for a couple of posts. All opinions and photos are my own. You will find no Affiliate links here.

Read the full original post here authored by Tamara Tanner. You can visit her blog here.

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