I have always cherished ballet since I was a child, it’s a beautiful art that not many understand. I was fortunate enough to be taught by my late granddad how to appreciate and understand the stories told through the expressive art, I have always held a high regard for ballet to be gentle, emotive and elegant.

Tonight on behalf of The Live Review I went to watch Les ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo at the Peacock Theatre in London, a ballet masterpiece with a comedic twist. An all male cast add a slap stick element of humour to the beautiful art that is ballet. Performed in three acts, the first being the second act from Swan Lake, and in honesty I feel they played their best card first. The Trocks, as they are also known, perform an extremely talented but equally hilarious take of the second act of Swan Lake. Due to the slap stick element of the performance if they had made a mistake you simply wouldn’t know as it wasn’t a serious performance, they mocked themselves which made it thoroughly enjoyable. At the end of the first act my cheeks were aching!

The second act was made up of three performances, harlequinade pas de deux, Travatiara pas de six & dying swan. Out of the three performances I loved dying swan, as the dance was performed feathers fell from the tutu with elegance and really added to the dance, whilst an emotional performance there was still a few giggles!

The final third act was the under water scene from The little humpbacked horse with a variety of characters including a water genie, starfish and what I think was jelly fish! It was a very fun and colourful dance!

The Trocks are no strangers to touring so their performance was flawless, hilarious and enlightening in appreciating ballet in a new light. If you have ever wanted to go to a ballet performance but concerned you wouldn’t understand what was going on I whole heartedly recommend going to see Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo. It is suitable for all ages, you can easily follow the stories being told and honestly you will laugh until your cheeks hurt, mine sure do!


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