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Have You Got bills piling up? Are you wondering if you will be able to pay them all on time? You are not alone; most people have experienced this situation at some point in their lives. Perhaps it is time for you too look closely at your finances, and see what can be done to change them.

Make A Before List

Before you make any changes to your financial life, you should make a list of your current situation., When the changes have been made you will be able to look back at it and see how far you have progressed. Some people who have done this keep the list displayed in a prominent place, just to remind them never to let the same situation arise again.

It does not feel good being in a position where your outgoings exceed your income, and now is the time to try and do something about it.

Reducing The Most Expensive

The first thing to do is to reduce your monthly outgoing by trying to get rid of the most expensive debts. If you have any credit cards, it will without a doubt be those.  You could consider consolidating them into a loan with someone such as The big advantage of a loan over credit cards is that it will be for a fixed payment over a set term, and that will make it easier to manage your budget.

Then you need to look at all your other debts and see which is charging you the most interest and has the biggest monthly payment. You may be better putting all your debts into a consolidation loan, and it is certainly worth considering.

Lower Your Spending

This seems so obvious when you are experiencing financial difficulty, but you may be surprised how many people don’t lower their spending. There are always ways you can do this. You can reduce your shopping bill by buying less meat and replacing it with vegetables and cheeses. Buying the supermarkets own brands can also save you quite a bit of money.

What do you spend on going out for meals? Cook at home instead. Even if you cook for a few friends and invite them round for the evening, it can still be cheaper than eating out. In fact, get your friends to all bring some food with them, and have a buffet style meal with the variety of different dishes they have brought.

There are always ways you can spend less until you have got out of this financial hole. There are even apps, like the ones at, which can help you. It isn’t always easy but it is one of the best things you can do.

Can You Downsize?

Whether you rent or have your home on a mortgage, could you downsize to save money? If this is possible you should look at what items you want to move with you, and sell the rest to make some extra cash. Everyone accumulates more than they need and puts things away in cupboards as it might be useful one day. The money would be more useful to you at the moment, so have a sort out and dispose of whatever you can.

After a few weeks, when this has all been sorted, right a new list of your outgoings and compare it to the old list you made. Hopefully, you will see an improvement, and your financial situation will be less stressful.

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