You are the bows from which your child as living arrows are sent forth – Kahlil Gibran.

Family is something that means so much to me, ever since I was old enough to understand what family is I have looked forward to the moments where we get to spend time with my extended family. Whilst growing up I was so lucky to have some of my cousins living just around the corner from me, they were so close that I used to go around for play dates those were the days where you’d spend hours making up stories with Barbies and never get bored. I used to love going round because my cousins are older than me and they both had the most amazing sets of make – up which of course I was naturally curious about – who isn’t at that age? As we got older and started having children of our own we started to spread out I am now the only one of us still living in Malmesbury so I long for family occasions where we all get to meet up again,

This weekend we had a party for my Nan who is turning 70 on Tuesday and we couldn’t wait because family members who we haven’t seen in 3 years were coming down! I have always wanted Shaniah to have a close relationship with her cousins similar to mine so it was exciting knowing that she will get to spend time with her cousins, one of which shares the same birthday!

living arrows

We arrived and the youngsters took a shine to each other straight away, Shaniah has always been good with other people especially those younger than her and spent the majority of the day hanging around with my cousins little girl. They went down the slide, played on a little car Shaniah made sure she

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