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You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. – Kahlil Gibran.

A week for trying new things

Last week Shaniah had an extremely packed week. The Week before she had her eyes tested that resulted in her needing glasses. Although I was a little deflated she was the complete opposite and was super excited to be able to have some princess frames. Every day for the past week she had been asking if today was the day that we could go and collect them, when the day finally came she couldn’t have been happier and she seems to have settled in with them very well.

Shaniah went to spend Friday night and Saturday with her grandma whilst Ryan and I attended a camp site for the blog. Saturday Grandma took her to Cribbs where she had a fun packed day seeing Father Christmas, the Coca-Cola lorry and also persuading Steve to take her on the ice! Something she had been keen to do ever since she became mad about frozen. She was absolutely over the moon to be able to go on the ice and even tried to skate a little towards the end. Although, she didn’t quite understand what she had to do. There were also a few tears when she had to get off the ice rink! Here’s our favourite photos of this week: Shaniah with her new glasses

Shaniah on the ice

That’s another week of linking up with Donna from What the Redhead said. If you fancy reading what other people have got up to this week click below.

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