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You are the bows from which your child as living arrows are sent forth – Kahlil Gibran.

Last week was one of adventures and new beginnings. We took a trip to Bowood house and Gardens which is little under an hour away from us but I have never actually been. I dragged my mother and brother along with Shaniah and I and we had the best day out we have had in a long time!

Bowood House and gardens

Shaniah absolutely loved the fully working digger, however she was still a little too small to do it alone so Uncle Ashley joined in.

Bowood house and gardens

Shaniah was absolutely mesmerised by the wishing fountain where she ended up throwing in all my loose change and giggling when they made a plop sound as they hit the water! If you want to see more of our trip to Bowood you can here.

Later on in the week we bought Shaniah her first pet! She has been asking for a pet for a while now so she went out with my mother to pick a rabbit but came home with a cat! Extremely different but she is in love with the kitten she named Rubble, if you are familiar with paw patrol you’ll know who he has been named after!

The Epileptic Blogger

Shaniah and Rubble are never far apart and it is so lovely to see her build a friendship with something that’ll grow with her!

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