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The past week has been full of tummy bugs, hugs and calpol. although I hate seeing Shaniah poorly I do enjoy the endless amounts of cuddles that it enables us to have. When she’s well I don’t often get the chance to cuddle because she’s too busy playing with her toys and she’s outgrown the cuddly stage. I wish I knew when her last cuddle would have been so I could treasure it just that little bit more.

As Saturday came and the end of the 48hr isolation was way behind us Ryan and I decided to treat her to a cinema trip. Not just any cinema trip, a trip to see Olaf’s Frozen Adventure! Shaniah is a major Frozen fan so it was a must. We decided to keep it a secret until we got there.

Armed with the popcorn, drinks and snack box, we made our way to the screen. Although the film was only 20 minutes long they were showing Frozen immediately after, which Ryan and I were certain we wouldn’t be watching because Shaniah doesn’t tend to sit still for very long. After all she is only 3!

The adverts seemed to be never ending and I was growing more and more anxious that Shaniah would be bored before Olaf’s Frozen Adventure even started! Before we knew it, it was on and Shaniah’s face lit up with pure joy. She sat back and admired the film.

Shaniah watching Olaf's frozen Adventure

Ryan and I were utterly shocked, Not only did she sit through all of Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, She sat through a good 45 minutes of Frozen too!

We ended our treat morning with a cheeky McDonalds, after all. she deserved it!

When did my little girl get so grown up? More still why wasn’t I ready for it?

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