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In this post Helen White shares with you her experience of living with an older cat and provides you with tips on how to adjust your behaviour and enhance your older cat’s environment.

Yesterday we had a bit of a drama in our home. Our cat Bobby lost a tooth. The first one she has lost. I reassured my husband that this happens to cats when they get older. After all my cat Freddy lost most of her teeth and had only one tooth left before she died aged 14 and a half.

Our Bobby turns 12 this year – in human years that’s 64, which makes her older than us. As she is a rescue we don’t know her exact birthday, but it would have probably been at the end of July or August 2005. We adopted her in October of that year when she was about 12 weeks old.

Our first meeting with Bobby.Our first meeting with Bobby.

Our girl had a bad start in life. She was a tiny kitten, only a few weeks old, when she was found in a bin fending for herself. The people who found her waited for her mum to come back, but she never did. So briefly they took her in before passing her on to the local Cats Protection branch. Unfortunately, they were a bit partial to smoking marijuana, which explained her rather chilled out behaviour when we adopted her. At the time I was a member of the Cardiff Cat’s Protection branch and responsible for the website. When I uploaded her photos and saw her little face I was smitten. It didn’t take much to persuade my husband Paul to adopt her, though he maintained he is allergic to cats. Turns out – he isn’t. Thank God, because, frankly I can’t live without cats.

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