Riding a Bike in London

Cycling has been a favourite activity for us as a family in our free time whether in and around London, or away on our travels both in the UK and abroad. Jerome started riding a bike from the age of 2 and one of his major achievements was a bike ride of 30km at age 5 in Japan. I have always wondered why it is that there are not more kids of all ages, but especially younger ones, that enjoy riding a bike in London. In other major cities across Europe and even Japan it is a common sight.

bike tour london

Bike tour London with kids

Recent Survey by Cycle Republic

While doing some research for this article I stumbled upon a recent survey by Cycle Republic. Only 30% say they cycle to spend time with the family, however, nearly two thirds claim that they want their children to ride a bike in the future. How is it that not more families spend time together on the weekends or on holidays in the saddle? I am sure safety is a huge issue in London, but surprisingly over half of the rest of the UK’s population also feels the same. If you read between the results of the superbly researched Cycle Republic article I am sure that safety is a key concern of parents, but it is also clear that despite the traffic some people feel that even in London cycling is safe. I am sure cycling a badly planned route in London or other big cities can feel terrifying with all the buses and other large vehicles on the roads, and likewise, in

Read the full original post here authored by Vanessa Hofmann. You can visit her blog here.

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