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Teeth. We all want our teeth to be as perfect as they possibly can. With celebrities parading the red carpet with their pearly whites on full show, you wouldn’t be judged for feeling a little envious.

I have always wanted to get my teeth whiter, I’ve tried numerous toothpaste in the past that didn’t really make much of a difference and to be honest I had given up on the dream for whiter teeth and focused on sorting out the sensitive side of my teeth now.

Shaniah is also a nightmare when it comes to brushing her teeth. She has never been a fan of the mint flavour and spends the whole of the two minutes complaining that it’s burning her tongue. We tried the strawberry flavoured one but she’d rather suck the toothpaste off the brush because she loves strawberries so much! Where on earth are we meant to meet in the middle?

We recently stumbled across SPLAT oral care products which only use the very best ingredients from leading global producers, in their own modern, environmentally friendly factory. Their wide range of products are made with natural /ingredients, essential oils and plant extracts. All the products are cruelty free.

SPLAT ethically and scientifically develops and manufactures professional oral care solutions for the whole family. SPLAT is a family run business which is available in more than 60 countries. They strive to create the very best products that will provide healthy oral care solutions and promote some happiness around the world one smile at a time.

SPLAT has recently been recognised as one of the top-30 fastest growing global brands by Stanford University.

We decided to try out the sensitive toothpaste, whitening toothpaste and mouthwash and also the children’s range of toothpaste.

Biocalcium toothpaste for sensitive teeth

I decided to give the whitening toothpaste a try. It safely whitens teeth and also restores enamel too. The top 3 things within this toothpaste is.

  1. Hydroxyapatite, which is a building component of tooth enamel. It strengthens the enamel and also reduces hypersensitivity.
  2. Natural enzyme papain, which helps to remove dental plaque.
  3. Sp. White system, gently whitens and polishes tooth enamel to a brilliant shine.

Although I haven’t been using it long enough to notice a difference in the colour of my teeth I have noticed that my teeth do feel a lot, lot cleaner than they did with my old brand and I am not afraid to smile! Paired with the mouthwash and you have the perfect match.

Biocalcium mouthwash for sensitive teeth

Splat mouthwash is free from fluoride, triclosan, chlorxexidine and parabens.

Biomed Sensitive toothpaste

My mother is forever complaining of sensitive teeth. I’ve lost count of the amount of different brands she has bought that only tend to work for a short time. I let her try out SPLAT biomed toothpaste especially for those with sensitive teeth. With calcium hydroxyapatite and grape seed extracts it is designed to strengthen enamel as well as reduce sensitivity.

My mother has only been using it for about 5 days but she is already noticing a difference which she is beyond thrilled with!

Now on to Shaniah, the toddler who is a nightmare during the two minutes (or longer) that it takes to brush her teeth!

– Kids toothpaste  2 – 6 Fruit Ice Cream flavour!

I wouldn’t say this was an instant hit with Shaniah but it is certainly her favourite now! It is also a favourite with me too because it offers so much protection for our little ones teeth! It offers protection from tooth decay thanks to grape seed extract and luctatol system. Enamel strengthening thanks to calcium hydroxyapatite. But best of all, it offers many attractive flavours that our little ones will enjoy. Making stressy tooth-brush times a thing of the past.

SPLAT products are sold at 1000 stores nationwide, including Harrods, Harvey Nichols, John Bell & Croyden, Revital, as well as hundreds of pharmacies, natural shops, dental practices nationwide and online retailers. SPLAT Global UK has received 7 awards for its products – Mama and Baby Awards, Beauty Shortlist, and Natural & Organic Awards.

SPLAT supports a number of social initiatives and charity projects in the UK and overseas (British Association of Dental Nurses, Women’s Aid, etc).

If you fancy reading more about SPLAT and the products that they produce you will find them here:

Disclaimer: We were sent these products in return for a honest review. All opinions and photos are my own. you can read my disclosure policy here.

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