I am forever looking at ways to spruce up my daughters bedroom. Her room hasn’t been decorated since, well since we moved in. It is clear now that she has grown a very bold character and the white/ pink glittery room really doesn’t reflect that.

When Shaniah has gone to bed I spend most my evenings scrolling through pinterest getting ideas that come the morning I know I will never be able to achieve. If I am perfectly honest I can’t even paint a wall properly it ends up everywhere. Ryan is a painter and decorator by trade but his lack of enthusiasm during the weekend makes me realise that doing her room falls entirely on me.

With Shaniah getting older and her room becoming lets say, a little “babyish” I really had to find something that not only looked great and wasn’t tricky  but also something that she would love just as much. In the last couple of months she has become absolutely obsessed with Princesses to the point that she has to have princess everything. So lo and behold I jumped back on to pinterest to grab some impossible ideas. There were loads and loads of ideas but they were more for those that have a creative bone in their body something that I sadly lack.

After a quick stumble through google I came across a pretty exciting site! A site in which it didn’t matter if I had no creative bone her room would still look incredibly beautiful. It would look beautiful because it was a site full of wall murals.

Wallsauce has hundreds of gorgeous murals to suit anybody. No matter what you are looking for you will find it here. I knew that I had to find something that resembled princess in some way. I searched through the menu and believe it or not under children was in fact Princess wallpaper! My needs have been answered. There’s 11 to choose from under that category and they are all super cute!  I am totally in love with this one!

Cinderella Wall Mural

I love how you can also have a photo of your own turned into a mural although I am not 100% that Shaniah would like a picture of herself put up on her wall, shes vain, oh so vain but not that much!

I am more than certain that a wall mural is the road in which we are going to go down to spruce up Shaniah’s bedroom and truth be told I absolutely love that Mural from Wallsauce. I did my research on their website about how to apply it and I was totally taken back by how its pretty much just like putting up wallpaper. It does recommend that you have someone to help you though!

I am even grabbing ideas for the living room now – oops!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post with wallsauce. All opinions are my own. To read my disclosure policy you will find it here.

Read the full original post here authored by Tamara Tanner. You can visit her blog here.

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