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A Weekend Away in Margate

Most of our friends and family have always asked why we tend to venture abroad for our weekends away and holidays. It is true that the UK has plenty of attractive places to visit, many only a few hours away from London by car or train, but we often chase warmer places. A short while ago I decided to spend a weekend in Margate, Kent, and I am sure that they would probably have thought of other places we should have visited in preference to an old seaside resort on the coast of the Thames estuary, but what’s not to love about a faded, grubby seaside town like Margate?

We took the high-speed train out of St. Pancras station on a Friday afternoon with hundreds of commuters happy to have finished for the weekend. One of the reasons for not exploring parts of England’s countryside has been that taking a train journey out of London is painful at times. Firstly they can get very busy and who wants to be standing for more than an hour to get away for a break? Not to mention the British rail system seems to shut down at random at weekends, especially Sundays making the return trip a lottery. Another major factor is that train and UK travel can be rather expensive, so a weekend away from the UK can surprisingly work out much cheaper than staying. Many other families just jump into their car to head off onto the motorways or country lanes to escape London, but we have chosen to live central and avoid the need for a car. However, for this trip we had booked a train in advance for a reasonable price and got seats next to the window to watch the world fly by. In this case on the new high speed link towards the Channel Tunnel before curving out to the tip of Kent with the green English countryside rushing by in a blur.

Once we exited at Margate station, just over 90 minutes later we were

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