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Meet Fingers and Thumbs – the paw-some pair with knockout appeal!

They may be tiny, but with a total of 12 extra toes between them, kittens Fingers and Thumbs have knockout appeal.

The pint-sized pair, currently in the care of Cats Protection, were both born with polydactyly – a rare genetic trait that gives them extra digits on each paw.

While their oversized paws may look unusual, the condition is simply a quirk of nature and does not cause them any harm.

The paw-some pair were handed in to Cats Protection’s St Helen’s Adoption Centre in Merseyside after being found at just two weeks old living under a bush in a garden with their stray mother and five littermates.

Their condition is not shared by their mother Zoot who has the correct number of 18 toes – five on each front paw and four on the back.  

Cats Protection’s North West Adoption Centre Manager, Sonia Scowcroft, said: “Fingers and Thumbs are everything a kitten should be – fun-loving, adventurous and inquisitive – they just have that little bit extra in the form of their huge paws!

“We don’t see polydactyl cats very often, it’s a really unusual quirk of nature. Having extra toes is neither an advantage or disadvantage for cats and, so long as they don’t get their extra claws caught on things, it shouldn’t present any problems.”

Although Fingers and Thumbs have thrived since they were handed into the centre, their tough start in life meant three of their littermates – two of which were also polydactyl – were not so lucky.

Sonia added: “The kittens were among a litter of seven which were found being cared for by their stray mum Zoot under a bush in a garden. Despite it being a rather large litter, Zoot had done a tremendous job in caring for them.

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