A little while ago I had (what I thought was) a great idea. Through my blog I’ve come into contact with an array of outdoor businesses. From established household names, to start ups and everything in between. I think that I’ve been really lucky in this regard, I’ve met great people and found out about amazing products that I otherwise wouldn’t have done. The people that interest me the most are those who have had an idea and have had the guts to run with it. I have a business background (I have a degree in business studies, my day job is in retail management and I help run my husband’s garden design business) so I find this whole area so fascinating.
Quite often I come across new companies and we collaborate, i.e. I review their product, do a guest post for their blog or help to spread the word, and then we go our separate ways. So I thought it would be great to go back and dig a little deeper. Find out about the stories and the motivations behind these outdoor entrepreneurs.
I decided to start this new series with one of my favourite new finds from this year: PACMAT. Not only did I love trying out the product, but I always carry our trusty mat in our bag now. We also took it to the beach this year and it turned out to be so useful.

Finn is a big fan of the PACMAT!

So without further ado, I’ll let Megan introduce herself and the business she runs with her husband Guy.

“We (Guy and I) work together running Rubbaglove, a creative marketing agency.
Before that I worked in various agencies as an Art Director and Guy was a Publisher
for IDG, International Data Group, an American IT publishing company. We have two
children who are growing up fast. We’ve always spent a lot of time outdoors with
them from Eliza’s first ski trip at the age of 2 weeks. Currently we live and work in
London (with a couple of stints in Bruton, Somerset), but escape whenever we can.”

Megan and Guy run

Read the full original post here authored by Lauren Moseley. You can visit her blog here.

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