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I am the pagan housewife: writing books, wrangling children, hunting ghosts and seeking spiritual adventures. Contact me for eco-friendly product promotion, local service reviews in the Cheshire/Staffordshire region, anything book or reading related, and lifestyle interest for those on a pagan path.

I have experience with meditating, mediumship, magic and mystery…

About my blog

On my blog you will find accounts of what is happening in my life, whether that be the frantic energy of writing novels as my Muse dictates, the chaos of being housewife and mother to young children, the challenges of living with people that have mental health difficulties, and everything else that makes up the life of a pagan housewife.

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I work with Rosemary Douglas events to promote social media networking ahead of each event in the Cheshire region, and then I exhibit my books and provide talks about being a writer and ghost hunter at the events.

I am active with #ASMSG, a volunteer member of the SCRIBE Literary Festival organising committee, and I contribute to the website Soulfully Connecting, sharing articles about spiritual experiences, advice on incorporating spiritual practice into your busy life, and what it means to be a pagan housewife in Western urban culture.