August 2017 Fashion Favourites, a monthly roundup of all the outfit ideas I have shared throughout August. This roundup is the eighth installment for 2017 but the 22nd installment since I started back in December 2015. Regular readers of A July Dreamer know how much I love sharing outfit ideas. I am a true believer in the statement that ‘Fashion fits all’, find your style and work it. Don’t compare how an outfit looks on someone to how it should look on you, people are different and unique. Work the thing that makes you unique and don’t be sorry about it.

August has been such a busy month but I have no idea what exactly I have done to be honest. It’s crazy to think July was a very busy month but so was August and now it’s almost over. 2017 has been a year flying right by and if you’re not careful you might find you’ve missed it altogether. I have decided that for the remainder of the year, I will be more intentional with my time. Life seems to have plans on its own so why fight what I can’t change but embrace the new. With that, here is the roundup on the August 2017 Fashion Favourites.

August 2017 Fashion Favourites

I then shared with you how I do off-shoulder styling, because they are in fashion and I love that. It’s weird to think I avoided off shoulder tops and dresses because I didn’t think they suited me. But then as faint would have it I tried a couple and I was hooked. All I needed to do was find tops that would suit my body frame and that was it.

British summer is not for the faint hearted, I put together a British Summer Capsule because we need one. Summer here is not the same as elsewhere and it is important to always be prepared for it. We often dress for Autumn but ready to take off a bit to enjoy the little sun and cover up for the chills.

Because I just haven’t

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