September 2017 Sponsors is the ninth installment of the monthly roundup, I want to thank ALL the incredible sponsors. I especially want to thank my amazing readers who time and again come back to support A July Dreamer. I am always amazed at how fortunate I am to have brands and companies want to collaborate. This hobby has now turned into a small business which is added income. 

{Monthly Roundup} September 2017 Sponsors

A July Dreamer sponsors come in different forms; content provision, product or event reviews and sponsored post. For the September 2017 Sponsors, I will breakdown the sponsors into different categories. And for potential Sponsors who wish to collaborate, please review the ‘Work with Me‘ page for more information.

September 2017 Sponsors #events

September was a fairly busy month for us in terms of events we were invited to attend. We were fortunate to have been invited to attend a restaurant opening and a pre-marathon event. Franco Manca opened a new brunch in Oxford in August and we got invited to an exclusive dinner. The dinner was held in September on a Thursday’s and we had so much fun, we even got to make our own sourdough pizza.

Earlier in the month we attended a pre-marathon event held by Freddie, son-in-law of Sir Richard Branson. We made way to Branson estate in Oxfordshire and participated in the pre-training and enjoyed the talk. We got tips on exercising for a full or half marathon and nutritional needs to consider.

At the beginning of September we also had an opportunity to attend the Oxford Foodies Festival. It was out first time and we thankful to Sparkling Ice who were our sponsors for the event. They are an american company who makes lightly carbonated flavoured water with only 12 calories. The flavoured water has come a staple in my home and often have a bottle when I am out.

Content Provisional ~ September 2017 Sponsors

As mentioned above, on A July we accept content which matches the theme of the website. Parquet Flooring is a type of flooring I was familiar with but

Read the full original post here authored by Miranda Malanga. You can visit her blog here.

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