August 2017 goals marks the 8th installment of the monthly goal series I started end of 2013. Every month I put together goals I wish to accomplish in the new month and effortlessly try to complete them. Whilst I don’t guarantee 100% completion I always aim for it and sometimes I reach it sometimes I don’t. For me it’s about trying and if I don’t succeed I move it to the next month until I do. Every month I share with you my goals from the previous month and show how I did.

Let’s review last month’s goals and how I got on…

July 2017 Goals

For the month of July 2017 I shared the following goals, let’s see how I did:

Celebrate and Enjoy – I turn 30 on July 7th and I am treating myself to an awesome trip. {SUCCESSFUL} Plan and Prepare – I have a busy three weeks ahead after my birthday due to work. {SUCCESSFUL} Review my finances – I am a stronger believe in carrying unaccomplished goals forward and trying again. {SUCCESSFUL} Funding source for Postgraduate – as mentioned my work is not longer sponsoring me with my studies so need new avenue. {SUCCESSFUL} Take time for me – Sometimes I feel silly for adding this in as a goal but I know the importance of self-care. {SUCCESSFUL}

It is such a thrill to see that I managed to accomplish ALL of my goals for July, I honestly didn’t think I would. But look what the lord has helped me achieve, I am at cloud 9 right now. I am now even more eager and excited to put together goals August 2017 goals. 

August 2017 Goals

Nothing in life is sort certain but planning gives us hope and direction. I am someone who loves to plan for the future, maybe not 10 years into the future but long enough. The August 2017 goals are what I am hoping to accomplish in the next 31 days and I am excited about it.

Savings – Whilst I have managed to find funding for my next two modules, I need for the next 2. I think

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