So tomorrow will mark the end of my first month blogging. Well, I actually launched the blog back in December but I didn’t take it seriously then and only posted half-assed drivel but at the end of 2017 I posted about my new year’s resolutions which included blogging in 2018. After 30 days I can say that I am already loving this blogging journey. I love all of it – the research, the planning, the organisation, the writing. Everything. It’s great fun. Now the thing about me is I’m an all-or-nothing person. I can’t dip my toe in things – I either go in like a bull in a China shop or I don’t bother. And I have chosen the former, so I think it would be great for me to set myself some blogging goals for 2018 because, well, why not? 1. Content As a blogger content is obviously king – that’s what pulls in traffic, links and, more importantly, that paper stuff you use to make it rain at the strip club (or so I’ve heard). For the rest of 2018 I am going to post AT LEAST 1 blog post every single day, but occasionally it will be […]

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