My blogging rituals by @frenchvcoffee

@frenchvcoffeeHI, MY NAME IS…Rabiya

MY TWITTER HANDLE IS..@frenchvcoffee



ASIDE FROM BLOGGING, I ENJOY…reading, listening to music and travelling.

I’M CURRENTLY WATCHING…The Originals, Blue Bloods, Grimm and Person of Interest.

I’M CURRENTLY READING…anything I can get my hands on but nothing particularly deep so I won’t bother embarrassing myself on the internet about it.


I BLOG ABOUT…beauty, skincare, haircare and related comment pieces.

I MOSTLY BLOG AT…during the day on weekends and if I have a lot to say, I usually prepare posts ahead of time to publish during the week too.

WHEN I’M BLOGGING I LISTEN TO…nothing. I do my best work in silence and find background noise distracting when I’m trying to concentrate.

MY FAVOURITE SNACK/DRINK WHILE BLOGGING IS…water. I try not to eat around my laptop.

IF I HAD A BLOGGING SUPERPOWER, IT WOULD BE…being able to type my posts with thoughts instead. It takes a lot of commitment to actually sit down and write.

IF I COULD INTERVIEW ANYONE ON MY BLOG, IT WOULD HAVE TO BE…Natalia Vodianova. I find her hugely inspiring and as someone who grew up with a severely disabled sibling, I appreciate the work she does to raise awareness of disability rights. Also, she’s had a pretty interesting life…

IF I COULD RECORD A VLOG WITH SOMEONE FAMOUS IT WOULD BE…Natalia again to be honest. She always come across as fun and doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously unless it’s about her charity.

OTHER BLOGS I GET INSPIRATION FROM ARE…Zoella (of course), ViviannaDoesMakeUp, LilyPebbles, FleurdeForce, iiSuperwomanii and the fabulous relationships I’ve developed with several ladies since I started blogging.

I LOVE BLOGGING BECAUSE…it allows me to express a creative side of myself which is tampered down a little during the rest of my life.



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