My blogging rituals by @stevie_couch

HI, MY NAME IS… Stevie aka Stephanie aka A Cornish Mum!

MY TWITTER HANDLE IS.. @stevie_couch


I’M FROM…. Cornwall UK

ASIDE FROM BLOGGING, I ENJOY… spending time with my family, using the treadmill, photography, long walks, days out with my kids, reading, music, and shopping!

I’M CURRENTLY WATCHING… Celebrity Big Brother, Eastenders, Holby City and How It’s Made!

I’M CURRENTLY READING… I have just finished a fab book Pieces of You by Ella Harper, a fab new writer!


I BLOG ABOUT… things to do and places to go with or without children mostly around the SouthWest, but will sometimes be further afield, Type 1 diabetes, products I love, or websites I like, money saving tips, and anything I especially love!

I MOSTLY BLOG AT… home, but I write blog posts in my notebooks all over the place. I always have several notebooks at the ready.

WHEN I’M BLOGGING I LISTEN TO… My itunes playlists, which can be very random. I love ballet so listen to the Swan Lake music, but also love current music, and old music. Pretty much anything apart from hardcore dance and rap!

MY FAVOURITE SNACK/DRINK WHILE BLOGGING IS… coffee and skinny topcorn popcorn!

IF I HAD A BLOGGING SUPERPOWER, IT WOULD BE… to be a super website creator, I’ve learnt so much already, but there will always be room for improvement!

IF I COULD INTERVIEW ANYONE ON MY BLOG, IT WOULD HAVE TO BE… from the past – King Arthur! Being Cornish I love the legends surrounding him… From the present — Emma Willis, I love how natural yet gorgeous and intelligent she is!

IF I COULD RECORD A VLOG WITH SOMEONE FAMOUS IT WOULD BE… from the past- Elvis Presley, I had a weird crush on him as a child, not realising how old the films were that I was watching! From the present – Miranda Hart! I find her hilarious, and I could be her new ‘Stevie’, who scarily reminds me of myself!

OTHER BLOGS I GET INSPIRATION FROM ARE… , I find her very inspiring, and motivating!

I LOVE BLOGGING BECAUSE… sometimes I can help others through charity posts, type 1 Diabetes advice, and also I’ve already made some brilliant new friends through it.

MY NEW YEAR’S BLOGGING RESOLUTION IS… to increase my followers, the same as most bloggers! Also to just get out and about as much as possible, to help show people the gorgeous County that I am lucky enough to live in!




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