TassimoOkay I know this blog posts title may not be as in keeping with our normal blog posts. But I been wanting
to write a review of our TASSIMO VIVY (T12) for a while now. I’m not sure what it’s like in the rest of the world but the home coffee machine has really taken off in the UK. Everyone I work with has one, so do a lot of our friends. We even just got one for my wife’s sister as a house warming gift.

So, what’s so great about the Tassimo and other like it. What’s wrong with just boiling a kettle and making a cafeteria of coffee or worse using freeze dried coffee (instant coffee). Simple it just does not taste like a Starbucks or a Costa Coffee.

So, when it came down to it we decided we like to get a coffee machine. So, like normal for me I did months of research. I asked all my friends and the people I work with what they had and if they could recommend any machine and the Tassimo came out on top.

So on Black Friday my wife ordered one from Tesco Direct. A few days later I went to our local Tesco’s to pick it up. We got it home and began setting it up. Now it came to the time to use it. I thought it may have come with a few sample pods how wrong could I be. It was the unit and nothing else. So, I had to jump into the car and back off to Tesco’s to find some pods.

The one thing that really helped us choose the tassimo over the other machines was the amazing selection of drinks. They are all brands you associate with quality such at Cadbury’s and Costa Coffee.

You do have to shop around for the T-disks (Pods) otherwise it can get expensive. However, we worked it out to be about 40p a cup which is a bit more than a cup of instant coffee. However, if you compare it to a cup of costa coffee you buy when you’re out. It’s a bargain.

Would I recommend it. YES, it’s the best gadget in the kitchen. Right now it’s time for a coffee !!

To find out more about what drinks you can get please visit the Tassimo website – Click Here

Tassimo Reviewed:

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