We are approaching June. Can you believe it? That’s almost half of the year gone already. Time definitively seems to go faster the older you get. There are many things which are always developing in the world. And one thing that continues to develop over time is technology innovation.

Just as the Innovation Company illustrates, innovation has grown increasingly over the past six decades.

Innovation Company - Growth Graph


Innovation is a new company based in the UK which successfully helps businesses to improve productivity within their marketing, sales, and operations knowledge. Their services are focused in the three following areas:

Consultancy Outsourcing Leadership

With this in mind, I would like to highlight three areas of technology which has transformed our lives, from 2016 to now more significantly.

Innovation | Pixabay

Online Banking

More of us are on our mobile phones more than any other device. The majority of people from the age of teens seem to have a mobile phone, an iPhone being a very popular model of purchase. When I was younger, I remember when I used to get cheques for my birthday and now everything seems so much easier when it comes to transferring money and making payments.

With access to the internet and your banking app on your phone, you can access your statement, transfers and payments, including any saving or other accounts you may have. Once a payee has been set-up, within a couple of clicks you can transfer money into their account and the money

Read the full original post here authored by Natasha Bolger. You can visit her blog here.

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