MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL URL IS: www.youtube.com/c/AndyBrown2000

I’M FROM: North-East, England, UK

ASIDE FROM VLOGGING, I ENJOY: Cars, Computers and my family

I’M CURRENTLY WATCHING: Mr.Robot, Endless repeats of The Big Bang Theory and waiting for Sherlock to come back

I’M CURRENTLY READING: The Hairy Bikers autobiography

I GOT STARTED VLOGGING IN: 2008 but only to small numbers, over the past year I’ve grown an interest in doing it all again and doing it right

MY VLOGGING PROCESS INCLUDES: I have to find a source of material first, which is usually the hardest part. Once I have that I like to get a bit of knowledge or information on it first before setting up and recording. I don’t tend to use scripted or written notes unless something is very technical and need some reminders. I’m trying out various vlogging methods at the moment, mainly using two cameras (My HTC One M8 phone and a gopro) and so starting to need to edit together a narration which I record after the videos are completed. Joining them together on my laptop and then uploading a complete edited video to Youtube. This process is a lot slower (I used to use Youtube video editor) but without the ability to stitch together audio and video I’ve had to move to video editing on my laptop and uploading the finished rendered video.

I VLOG ABOUT: Various things! Car repairs, Computer repairs, family trips or entertainment, electronic teardowns

I MOSTLY VLOG AT: Home at the weekend, where I have my desk rig or garage and some quiet time when the kids are busy.

WHEN I’M VLOGGING I LISTEN TO: I don’t have music on as it distracts me too much! I need to concentrate.

MY FAVOURITE SNACK/DRINK WHILE VLOGGING IS: None, skip that, get the vlog done and have a nice cup of tea afterwards (Very British!)

IF I HAD A VLOGGING SUPERPOWER, IT WOULD BE: The ability to do a video without editing

IF I COULD INTERVIEW ANYONE ON MY VLOG, IT WOULD HAVE TO BE: Probably Richard Hammond, as he has a lot of similarities that I do and a keen interest in farming and rural life.

IF I COULD RECORD A VLOG WITH SOMEONE FAMOUS IT WOULD BE: Patrick Stewart, he’s an inspirational man who says his mind and doesn’t mind what people think of what he says. He’s a big charity supporter and freedom of speech advocate.

OTHER VLOGS I GET INSPIRATION FROM ARE: ColinFurze – who likes to build crazy things, the typical mad British inventor. Photonicinduction – as he’s mad but knows his electricity. bigclivedotcom – for his knowledge of electrical and entertaining. The Proper People – as they visit abandoned sites around the world and it’s fascinating to watch. onelonleyfarmer – A farmer in the USA who just records and talks about what he’s doing and what’s annoying him!

I LOVE VLOGGING BECAUSE: I get the chance to talk to a wider audience and share my knowledge or experiences to help others out.

ONE OF MY FAVOURITE VLOGGING UPLOADS IS:  It’s replacing the radiator on my car, it’s a HOWTO video to help others out and I enjoyed doing it.



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