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“See you on Wednesday…possibly!” I said to my Dad as we left my parents’ house on Sunday 18th September. He was free on Wednesday morning to come and swap our old leaking radiator to a new one we’d bought to replace it.

Wednesday morning came round and I still hadn’t gone into labour…or had I? I’d been having strange pains for weeks and could never get comfortable anymore. The night before, I’d got an absolute maximum of 2 hours sleep as I’d had intense pain in my thighs which was worse when I was laying down. The sleep I eventually got was when I propped myself up with some pillows.

As my Dad swapped the radiator over, I was still in pain, but every so often I kept having an increase in pain. When it happened, I found it hard to stay sitting and kept bouncing on my gym ball

Read the original post here authored by Laura Chesmer. You can visit her blog here.

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