In April I started my job as an administrator & social media assistant for a small company, despite having the skills on paper I didn’t have the experience for role, and although I have days where I think “F**k, I can’t do it” I genuinely think I have taken the role head on and made it my own. I have the luxury of having my own desk, I’m left to do my work as I please using my own routines and systems, my boss actually cares if your not happy about something he wants to know why your not happy and will work with you on how it can be changed, I genuinely have the best job. This post is a little lists of items that are essential to me at work! 1. Let’s start with my bag from STM Goods, beautifully named Grace, this bag is no ordinary bag, it has been designed to safely carry tech such as iPads and laptops. Inside it has a suede/fleece hammock, it’s incredibly soft and this is designed so if I was to drop or place my bag on the floor my iPad will never touch the floor, protecting it from smashing as we all know any apple product smashes at the slightest bump! I met STM goods at the #bloggersfestival they were incredibly kind enough to gift me the Grace bag in Coral Dove , which was perfect as it matched the company colours of my new job! STM Goods design their bags to be incredibly long lasting, another ideal for me as I am notorious for using a bag until the handles fall off or they split! Would 100% recommend STM Goods for your work & Tech accessory needs.
2. Dr PawPaw multipurpose Balms.
I don’t work in an office but my desk is in a showroom that to be honest functions more like an office and sadly we do not have air con, but being on

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