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Hello my lovelies, it’s that wonderful time again: New Moon!

The New Moon this month is in Taurus, and is a time for change and new starts. Although the New Moon is always a time for fresh beginnings, the inclusion of Taurus means that this is the ideal time to set goals and start new challenges.


Taurus is all about stability and security, especially around finances, family and the home, and so you can be confident that any changes are happening for your greater good, and will have a positive end result. Uranus moves into Taurus on the 15th May, bringing with it a powerful energetic shift which you can harness and use to your advantage!

Many of us look externally for security;  a nice home, good wages and a nice car. All of these things are nice and important (I’ve been hankering for a new Audi for longer than I care to admit,) but it is important to remember that true security comes from within. When you start to accept yourself internally, warts and all, your sense of security shifts, and this has a recognisable impact on your surroundings. How to gain this inner stability?

Accept that everything changes.

Sounds counterproductive right? Finding stability by accepting change? I’ve finally lost the plot.

Except I haven’t.

Once you accept that everything changes and that nothin is permanent, once you stop taking change personally, you regain control over your mojo.

The world changes. People are born and die, in every town and city and country and era of history. the only thing constant is change.

Benjamin Franklin told us that the only certainty in life is death and taxes. Whilst he was correct in his wonderful cynicism, he forgot one other certainty: change.


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