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Happy New Year you lovely lot!! I hope you had a good Christmas – at ‘Chez Wilder’, the Prosecco  and Melatonin was flowing! (to be clear the latter was for Monty, not the booze……..!!)

I’m not very big on New Years Resolutions.  I have a tendency to get a bit maudlin around this time of year and have a habit of looking back over the things I haven’t done, instead of looking forward.  I’m the kind of person who sets really unrealistic goals, like, train and run for a marathon, don’t achieve it, then beat myself up. Obviously, this isn’t a great strategy to feel good about oneself, but I’m working on it.

It’s been a difficult year (to read more click here) and I certainly can’t take the added pressure of setting resolutions and not achieving them.  I haven’t got the mental space for that right now. However I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and try and set some realistic resolutions.

Hopefully, ones I can stick too! Have a read, they might give you some inspiration!

Who’s with me???

My Resolutions for 2018 Throw away my Granny Knickers that have been cluttering my underwear draw since I was pregnant with Theo. Especially ones where the crotch lining has perished Ditto bras. The grey hue of the ‘once white’ undergarment is quite off putting Remember to brush my hair before scraping it into a ponytail Try and energetically run up the stairs, rather than crawling up on all fours through exhaustion Stop wearing odd socks Locate missing ‘half’ to aforementioned odd socks Stop eating bags of crisps in the bathroom as an attempt to hide from the children Have a ‘hot stone massage’ – being pummeled with warm pebbles really seems very appealing to my aching limbs Walk up hills whilst clenching buttocks in attempt to tone the glutes Watch all series of Peaky Blinders – I’ve heard Tom Hardy is in it……….

So, there we have it – my approach to the New Year Resolution craze. Not too taxing or beyond the realms of achievable, no??

Ill keep you all updated on the progress. Watched Peaky Blinders last night so number 10 is well under way!

I’d love to hear your take on New Years Resolutions – do you make any or are they a waste of time and brain space? Let me know in the comments!!



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