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Yes you did read that right, at this time of year we are all talking about New Year Resolutions, whether it is losing weight, giving up smoking, saving more, start keep fit or one of the many other resolutions we all make each year.  But how about New Year resolutions for your car.

We all use our cars every day to drive the kids to school, going to and from work, shopping, visiting friends and family, we know about checking to make sure we have enough petrol to get us to our destinations, but hands up those of us who do not worry about anything else. but are the first to go into a panic when something goes wrong.

So if you break all your other New Year Resolutions, make sure this is one you do not break, and I have listed below a few things to help you keep your car in shape.


car tyres

Always make sure your tyres are safe by checking the tread and also that they have the correct air pressure, if you are unsure you can pop into a local garage to have your tyres checked.


car lights

I am lucky with my car as it will ping up and tell me there is a malfunction, but regularly check your lights remembering the headlights, brake lights and indicators.



This should go without saying but always make sure your brakes are in good working order, you usually have an idea that they need replacing when you hear a squealing sound when you press the brake pedal or the brake pedal is hard. You can keep your family safe & get your car’s brakes checked regularly at Iverson Tyres London Branch

Oil and Water

oil and water

One thing we should always do regularly is check your oil and water, this is something that does not take any time at all and can even be done when you are filling up with petrol.

Window Wipers

window wipers

To me there is nothing more annoying than squeaky window wipers or wipers that do not clear the window properly, so if you notice your wipers doing this change them asap.

These are just a few things you can do to keep your car in good shape this year, and keep your family safe.  Or you could

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