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What is better than a 3 day weekend? A clothes haul of course!

It is no secret that Next has some pretty incredible products, every time we shop here we always end up spending way more than we originally planned. I always find myself hunting through their website whenever I have a few minutes to spare and fill my basket with tonnes of goodies that I pray will one day make their way home with me!

Our latest goodies from next are child based and even though they are obviously way to small for me, I am extremely in love with every single item!

First off in our bundle of goodies is a Blue Denim Military Dress.

Next clothesNext clothes

This dress is perfect for summer days, it’s lightweight and flowing but feels exceptional quality and made to last. It has gorgeous shoulder detail which adds a beautiful finishing touch. I love this dress for its simplicity and how it doesn’t age the child wearing it. Many times I go out to buy dresses and they’re just like miniature versions of things that older children would wear although I like that in some things, it is nice to have clothes that don’t rush the childhood days away! Shaniah loves it because she says it makes her feel like a princess and it doesn’t restrict her in any way meaning she can still climb all over the place and run about as normal.

Secondly, Blogger slogan t-shirt 2 piece.


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