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A BLT sandwich has been an all time favourite of mine since I was a little girl. It’s my ultimate comfort food! Its what my lovely husband will make for me as a pick me up! Yup forget fancy meals and fine dining. Bring me a BLT and I’m putty in your hands.

So it doesn’t take a genius to work out all you do to make this Keto friendly is you ditch the bread. BUT will it be as good? Will it be as comforting, warm and delicious?

Erm…hell yeah it is! It’s just as tasty but with no groggy stuffed carb loaded feeling!

This is how I make my little bundles of perfection!


Serves – 1

Time – 10 minutes

Difficulty – Easy


Ingredients 2 Romaine lettuce leaves whole 6 cherry tomatoes 4 strips of streaky bacon Salted butter Mayonnaise

DirectionsChop the cherry tomatoes in halves or quarters

Melt the butter in a pan and add the cherry tomatoes heat until softened

Add to the same pan the 4 strips of streaky bacon and cook for as little or as long as you like until you have the crispness you desire.

With a desert spoon line the inside of the romaine lettuce leaves with a coating of mayonnaise.  Add your bacon and tomatoes and enjoy a little piece of heaven!

No Bread BLT.png

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