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Hi everyone,

It’s me here today, Nubia! I know right surprising when it’s about a food review right? Well the humans were nice enough to prioritise me today as my brother usually gets to do all the nice treats and food reviews!!!

Nubia: In the name of the old and the new gods this IS A LOT OF FOOD from Webbox… I wonder what I’ll get to try first. 😮

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Nubia: Humans… Speed up and get with the program. OPEN ME SOME FOOD!!! 😮

Nubia: That’s better! First up I am trying out some of the Webbox wet food in my lovely princess bowl. <3

This particular food is part of their Natural Cat Pouches made of 100% natural ingredients without artificial colouring or preservatives.

Nubia: So what’s next! 😮

Nubia: Oh my gosh this was the best part of today’s snacks! These are not for nothing called Yum-e-Yums! They are supper yummy. 😀

I had the the cheese filled version of the Yum-e-Yums. Just like the rest of the Webbox range these are made to fit in with our carnivore diet and therefore are sugar free and they even added taurine to the treats. Humans often forget that us cats need a lot of taurine to be healthy so this is especially good. 🙂

Of course webbox has many more cat treats to choose from and also dry cat food which I am sure we will get to try as well. (At least I hope so after today’s heavenly meal and snacks!!! :D)

Signed by,

Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace

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