Hi everyone,

It’s me Nubia here today and I have to show you our humans latest gadget! 😮

Nubia: I was slightly suspicious of it when it first arrived… After all I thought it was meant to shoot water at me whenever I attack the carpet! 😮

Nubia: But no look! The humans can use their phones to give me treats EVEN when they are stuck at work! 😀

Nubia: Righto… Time for me to have those treats! 😀

Oliver *prrrrrt* *prrrt*

Nubia: Oh no… here we go again he smelled the treats. =.=

Oliver: What treats sister?!?

Nubia: The ones you just had silly brother. 🙁

Oliver: Oh those… oh well they were tasty. 😀

Nubia: I wonder if they can make me a special camera with brother protection!!! 🙁

Oliver: So what is this camera? It’s called Pawbo and comes in this super cute packaging. 😀

Oliver: Best of all it’s got something for all the cats out there! A laser pointer for the active ones

Read the full original post here authored by Marc-Andre Runcie-Unger. You can visit her blog here.

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