Hi everyone,

It’s Nubia here today and look what I am in! It’s an amazing cat “cave” and the first one I can actually get in easily with my three pawsies. : D

Nubia: When it first arrived I had to check out it’s stability of course… You never know if your human servant places things down securely! But it looked like they did put it properly on it’s stand. 😉

Nubia: I really like that branding KiKi uses… It even acts as a toy for me for the time being. 😉

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Nubia: Now how  can I get in here I wonder. 😮

Oliver: FROM THE TOP! OF course! 😉

Nubia: WHAT where did you come from… this is my cave! I found it first! 😮

Oliver: I am just giving you a paw to find an entry to the cave… 🙂

Nubia: Yes right… that’s what you always say!

Oliver: Oh look! It’s a toy…

Nubia: No I already established that it is the lovely branding KiKi uses. 😛

Oliver: Fine fine…

Nubia: So what made it easier for me to access the KiKi Ball cat cave than other traditional caves? It’s got an entrance on the back and front! 😀 This means that I can slide in from one side and get cozy… see with my 3 paws it’s normally a bit challenging to get in and turn around. 😮

Nubia: Right time to sleep in my fabulous new bed. 😀

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