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Hi everyone,

It’s your favourite black kitty Nubia here today. And today my human thought I needed a brush… not sure if that’s the case tho… I spent hours cleaning myself!!!

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Nubia: Yes human… you may brush me but only because it’s you my favourite one of the two humans. <3

Nubia: The particular brush my human is using is the Mikki Moult Master Ceramic which helps to get rid of old dead hair.

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Nubia: Hmmm…. it looks like that I actually had a lot more excess fur than I thought!!! :O

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Nubia: How is this possible! After all the hours of me cleaning myself. 🙁 I guess the human was right after all!

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Nubia: As you can see the brush fits nicely into my human’s hand and has a good soft rubber grip.

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Nubia: Of course they don’t just do those brushes they do whole sets of their standard brushes from denoting tools to regular brushes. These can be found as individual items or as sets such as the kitten set.

Nubia: This was one of the other brushes we trialled and I really enjoyed this one. 🙂

Nubia: We also gave a set of kitten brushes to friends with new baby felines that say they are purrtastic and will be sending us a little story soon. 😀

Nubia: I wonder if my humans will manage to tidy up Oliver’s fur as well? He looks a bit shabby at the moment… ;o

Oliver: WHAT my fur is purrfect!!!

Nubia: But you never clean it…

Oliver: Yes I do…


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