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Hi everyone,

It’s your favourite tuxedo cat here today! : D

Oliver: Soooo the humans got this giant back of Wild Prairie food for me. But of course they forgot the most important part… open the bag and put it in the bowl! Remember humans I don’t have opposable thumbs!!!

Oliver: Now let’s make sure that her royal grumpiness Nubia is nowhere to be found or she will tell me off for not sharing this with her… And it smells delicious I want all of this for myself! 😀

Oliver: *crunch crunch* This is very tasty… And I can taste loads of flavoursome meat. 😀

Oliver: *Smacks lips* This is most certainly absolutely delicious!

Oliver: Now let’s have a closer look at what is actually in the food so you can convince your human that they must get it for you!

Oliver: The ACANA Wild Prairie apparently contains 75% meat and is entirely free of plant protein concentrates. And LOOK it contains an abundance of different types of meats. 😮

Free-run chicken – meat, liver, heart, kidney and cartilage, fresh from local farms. Free-run turkey – meat, liver, heart, kidney and cartilage, fresh from local farms. Nest-laid eggs – whole and fresh from local prairie farms. Wild-caught walleye – whole and fresh from Canada’s pristine lakes. Wild-caught trout – whole and fresh from Canada’s pristine lakes.

Oliver: Oooooh I’ve never had eggs before! Maybe that’s what makes this especially tasty. 😀

Oliver: So what exactly is in a 5.4kg package of ACANA Wild Prairie in terms of these ingredients you wonder? Let’s have a look…

Oliver: I wonder how long it would take me if I had to catch all of that prey myself @[email protected]! You guys better convince your humans to get you this as well. 😉

Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

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