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Well we are almost there and another year has almost gone – but how are you fixed for Christmas? Are you smug and well organised? Or are you skint and panicking like mad that you won’t have enough for your little cherubs on the 25th?

 Do it your way

There are mixed opinions over at Mums Misbehaving! We have some members who like to go mad and give the children as much as possible and we have other members who think that a few presents are appropriate. Whatever you choose to do, when it comes to gifts, as long as your family is happy and everyone remembers that Christmas is about spending time with family and enjoying the time off together – you really don’t have to worry.  A few well thought out gifts can make children really happy and keep them occupied all day, and that’s what it is all about. Obviously older children become more expensive to buy for and less inclined to want to sit and keep you company on the day.. but the promise of cash for the sales usually works well, if you’re struggling to get the big presents in before the big day.

If you can manage to get some nice food in, have some presents in  and be spending time with those you love – you are winning! Christmas traditions and the small things are what make memories. Not everyone has the luxury of even having a Christmas meal on the 25th – you might like to offer a dinner to an elderly person or just some company over Christmas.  Take a look at Community Christmas to see how you – and your children – can get involved.

Don’t stress

If you’re feeling really stressed out this year and are annoyed at yourself for not saving/preparing sooner – why not begin now for next Christmas? Park Christmas Savings now have even more flexible ways to pay so you don’t have to worry and if you’re reluctant to use the Direct Debit service – just top up with your debit or credit card whenever

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