Well damn! It’s official! British women are more sexually adventurous than their male counterparts – move aside boys!

Recent Survey results by ONE condoms, which explored adventurousness, sexual fluidity, dominance vs submissiveness, orgasms and porn habits have given some quite amazing results.

Young British women are almost twice (29% vs 15%) as likely to have had sexual experiences with both men and women – which is definitely a move away from the good old stereotypes of men being more adventurous. And quite rightly so  – we are all equal and all entitled to enjoy a healthy consensual sex life.

Wonderful safe sex is very much a fun experience and nothing to be ashamed of – clearly, judging by the statistics! Girls, you rock!

Adventurousness Women are more likely to say that they’d ‘try most things once’ – 31% vs 28% of guys Women are more likely to say there are things they’d like to do but haven’t tried (57% vs 43% guys) People in couples are more likely to describe themselves as sexually adventurous than singles (59% vs 47%) One in five (20%) have encouraged their partner to be more sexually adventurous Almost 1 in 5 (17.5%) think ‘anything goes’ and almost half think they’d push their limits with a trusted partner

If you want to find someone who agrees with the statement ‘anything goes’, you’re most likely to find them in Carlisle (36%) and Edinburgh (36%) and least likely to find them in Belfast (8%) and Durham (7%)

40% people describe themselves as “very” sexually curious 44% of those in a couple say they are very sexually curious vs just 34% singles Sexual fluidity More than one-fifth (22%) say they’ve had sexual experiences with both men and women Women are far more likely than men to have had sex with both men and women (29% vs 15% of guys) Of those who have had a sexual experience with men and women, men are more likely to have had that experience as part of a threesome (17% vs 11%) whereas women are more likely to say it’s because their sexuality

Read the full original post here authored by Caroline Devlin. You can visit her blog here.

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