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We only have one week to go until Christmas is finally here.  For me this week is always my busiest trying to get everything done, so I can finally relax and enjoy Christmas.

I still have so much to do this week.


As you will all know C is unwell, she has been referred to a neurologist, and the appointment was confirmed for beginning of January,  but as she has been so unwell and in pain 24/7 with migraine type headaches, she was moved to the top of the cancellation list, and a new appointment has come through for tomorrow.  So we will be at hospital and hopefully getting somewhere with getting to the route of the problem.



Christmas Shopping

I still have presents to buy, I was supposed to be finishing my shopping last week, but got struck down by that virus that is going around everywhere.  Luckily not too much to get so should be quite quick and easy.



Christmas Present Wrapping

Thursday I will be wrapping the presents I brought on Wednesday. All my other presents are wrapped so hopefully this should not take too long.



Making Beds

My Mother-in-law is coming to stay for Christmas, so I will be getting her room ready for when she arrives.




My husband is meeting his friend for their traditional Christmas drink, the plan is for me to drop him off and go and pick my Mother-in-law up and then pick him up on the way back. So my day will be spent driving around the M25.


I am hopefully going to have a nice quiet fun day.

Christmas Eve


Happy Christmas

I love Christmas Eve I start my day with a coffee and then the music goes on and I sing along to the Christmas tunes,while I bake sausage rolls, mince pies and make cookie dough ice cream (C’s favourite).   I then clean the kitchen and we have lunch.  In the afternoon me and my husband escape for an hour or two to the pub for a couple of Christmas drinks.  We have an easy dinner and then start preparing the veg for tomorrow and sorting out the presents, before we go to bed and wait for Santa to visit.

How is your week planned? Are you ready for Christmas or do you still have a lot to do?

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