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Opulence – if you can’t style with that at THIS time of year then, when can you? The Great Gatsby (F.Scott Fitzgerald) has been an inspired masterpiece since its publication in 1925. Chronicling the mysterious yet glamorous antics of the decadent Jay Gatsby and his parties set in the roaring twenties. This was a period which gave us so much in terms of design and style. An era of great changes, of new trends many of which have endured to this day, ALL of which I love.

opulence, glamour, luxe, luxe interiors, Gatsby, styling, roaring twenties, Gatsby homeGatsby just watching Netflix or something Image: WarnerBros

Key Trend to try

The Great Gatsby story is set in a shimmering New York of secret gatherings, parties, opulence and elegance. Hollywood’s own obsession with Gatsby has meant there are 4 films made of the book.  The look of The Great Gatsby has been made to represent a fantastical version of the 1920s, from fashion to interior décor.  So, if you don’t happen to live in an Art Deco mansion, luckily, all you really need is a select few pieces that will evoke the Art Deco style of the period.  From perfect geometrical shapes and symmetry, to the right minimalistic art print (and of course some elegant glassware), we CAN try this at home.

Gatsby, Opulence, Interiors, Styling like Gatsby, luxe interiors, drawing room, cocktails, sainsburys, sainsburys homeCheer up, its cocktail hour in the Drawing room!

Key principles and pieces

Tamara Kelly at IDEAL HOME writes “In the interiors world, luxe has become a buzz word in recent years – we can’t get enough of it. Luxe in this context best describes fabrics and furniture pieces that ooze a touch of decadence.” So, Luxe and Opulence are our guiding principles then for this key winter styling trend. It is bringing back cocktail hour in a big way, thanks to the drinks trolley being a key furniture piece.

opulence, homeware, sainsburys home, cocktails, cocktail glasses, barware, styleophileukimage : Sainsburys Home

Take Inspiration from Set Design

Set designer Catherine Martin, for the Baz Lurhmann film of the novel threw opulence around like confetti . Creating lavish sets, it was as much an enjoyment to watch the movie for the interiors & styling as the storyline. It took her team 14 weeks just to build, paint, and decorate Gatsby’s mansion. Though we can recreate the ethos and the luxury at home with a few clever pieces and channelling some midnight party opulence.

Opulence, Gatsby, Sainsburys, Sainsburys home, midnight opulence, luxe interiors, Gatsby interiors, interior design, party styling, barcart, drinks trolley, cocktailsChannel these luxe looks at home with a few key pieces

opulence, bar cart, sainsburys home, bar acceswsories, Gatsby, Gatsby Christmas, Interiors, styleophileuk

opulence, barcart, drinks trolley, Gatsby, Gatsby party, Christmas decorations, Christmas styling, interiors, styleophile uk, sainsburys home

Nick Carraway introduces the legendary parties held by the enigmatic millionaire Jay Gatsby in the novel. Referring to this midnight opulence: “In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.”

opulence, barcart, drinks trolley, Gatsby, Gatsby party, Christmas decorations, Christmas styling, interiors, styleophile uk, sainsburys homeLove these gold-rimmed champagne saucers from Sainsburys Home

Curate your home

As per Mr Gatsby, champagne and stars pretty some up my Christmas vibes! Thought don’t forget to look at what you ALREADY have and upcycle/re-purpose. Nothing says Gatsby more than a bar cart and they’ve never been more popular. Ranging from a few pounds at a second-hand store to hundreds on the high street, you can definitely accommodate one in your home. I picked up mine from eBay for about £10 and set about upcycling it in an afternoon. You can read  my blog on that here.

opulence, bar cart, drinks trolley, diy drinks trolley, blog, styleophileuk, sainsburys home

High glamour from the high street

After that, its all about the styling. An ice bucket and cocktail shaker would set the tone followed by some gorgeous glassware. This is readily available depending on budget.  For a splash of instant glamour, cocktail or champagne glasses are a must. I would love these from SOHO HOME if Father Christmas is listening (!) In the meantime I will be hot-footing it to Sainsburys Home as I love their champagne saucers and so does my budget at just £4.50. The sophisticated gold trim co-ordinates with my bar cart and other accessories and they’re a great size. Sainsburys bar kit (also styled here) would make a great gift for the budding mixologist in your life.

opulence, luxe interiors, Gatsby. Sainsburys, Sainsburys Home, cocktails, barcart, drinks trolley, interiors luxeSoho Home Roebling Champagne coupe £32 opulence, bar cart, drinks trolley, diy drinks trolley, blog, styleophileuk, sainsburys homeCheers to Gatsby and his style

Affordable and chic, these pieces evoke ALL the cocktail party thrills and can be used for any party, any time NOT just a Christmas one so actually are a fab investment. I’ve made a Christmas cocktail which I named a ‘Sloe-Ro’ and it looks perfectly at home amongst my new Gatsby-esque bar cart. I shall be serving these with as much opulence and elegance as I can muster this year, they’re delicious ! (Recipe here) Lidl do a gorgeous Sloe Gin if you haven’t any home made.

opulence, bar cart, drinks trolley, diy drinks trolley, blog, styleophileuk, sainsburys home, sloe ro, cocktails, sloe gin, home made gin, christmas

Hope you have fun trying out this art deco styling at home, as Gatsby himself said ‘A little party never hurt nobody’… cheers!

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