Its new year, new term, new financial quarter…whatever. For those of us for whom admin is a challenge (we’re just clearly incredibly creative, ahem…)  its also time to face the fear (the bottom of the in-tray) and time to deal with the death-eater emails we have been ignoring.

From the middle of the first week of Jan, I had 3 just such emails (they should come playing the soundtrack to ‘Casualty’ complete with heart-beat sound effect) to add to the ones I had been ignoring from last year. Yikes. Must.Get.Shizzle.Together.  I do have a lovely diary, one of those hipster Moleskin ones but I don’t always have it with me when an appointment comes up. Friends with significantly more developed brains than mine, synch everything on their phones. Its all there at the touch of a button (they share a diary with their other halves FFS – thus eliminating the bi weekly row over who is

Read the full original post here authored by styleophileuk . You can visit her blog here.

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