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Hey everyone.

I have a really exciting post for you today, I was so ecstatically happy to learn that Oud Milano had launched in the UK and you know what? They even have a store now located in London!!! I’ll add their address and all their information at the end of this post for you so if you’re lucky enough to be living close by their store you can pop in!! I wish i lived closer to London so i could pop in because this review is on my now new favourite Primer!! Okay, enough excitement – let’s move on to my review!

I was very happy and lucky enough to be given the opportunity to review this product sent to me complimentary by Oud Milano & a lovely member at soapboxpr. I was literally jumping up and down and scared my husband a little but I couldn’t control my excitement – over the years i have heard great things about Oud Milano products regarding the sheer quality of their products.


How cute is this packaging, seriously? I can’t even.. I just love how gorgeous this packaging is. The box itself is matt black around the sides and bottom with this gorgeous shiny silver lid.. it has white writing mainly around the sides, bottom and a little frontal but with a silver embossed Oud Milano name and logo.. not to mention the gorgeous black shiny logo on the right side of the box.. oh my goodness absolute packaging heaven.

The bottle is honestly just gorgeous, a clear glass frosted bottom with a matt black pump with a clear plastic lid. Located bottom contains all the important information about the product including expiry and product amount on a clear sticker. Located frontal is shiny black writing of product description, company logo and name.. Could the packaging be any better? I don’t think so. In fact, I’ll be keeping this bottle after the product runs out and definitely repurchasing.. Why? You ask.


The formulation that’s why.. Before I show you some pictures of this product applied on my skin i really want to talk about the formulation of this Flawless Beauty Primer. Inside this gorgeous bottle we receive 15ml of beautiful perfection and I’m not even kidding. The Flawless Beauty Primer is £34.94 and i can’t believe i am only trying this now. This primer is 100% worth the price tag, you can’t put a price on perfection.. My skin looks so flawless after application and looks a dream under makeup. I will show you a picture of me wearing this primer underneath a full face of makeup and a picture of me wearing a full face of makeup using my old regular primer and the difference is unbelievable. Used under my foundation you can see that my fine lines are filled and my skin looks more alive and dewy not dull like some other primers can leave me looking. This also looks great alone without applying makeup over, it gives a flawless look to the skin i just can’t begin to tell you how much this primer has changed the way my makeup looks on my face.. a lot of my instagram followers have noticed the difference aswell, here : Take a look!!


The above photo is without using this Flawless Beauty Primer by Oud Milano..


Above is me wearing the Flawless Beauty Primer by Oud Milano.. Can you see the difference? My skin just glows! Looks youthful, feels softer and my foundation looks flawless on top.. Everyone around me has complimented my makeup since I have switched to the Oud Milano Flawless Beauty Primer and i love it. Being someone who loves makeup, works in makeup, lives and breathes makeup this is an absolute dream.

On application you get this gorgeous slight cooling sensation and the product just blends into the skin effortlessly, I also found that one full pump of product gives just the right amount for a full face application. Even on days I’m not wearing makeup i love using this after my skin care routine, it just gives my skin that needed glowy boost. The product itself is of peachy colour and feels so light on the skin when applied, scent wise is very subtle maybe a slight touch of cream scent.

Since qualifying as a beauty therapist, nail technician and makeup artist i learnt looking after your skin is paramount if you want your makeup to sit right. Skincare is of course most important to a flawless makeup application but without a high quality primer your makeup just doesn’t sit right. The Oud Milano primer is going to achieve that flawless makeup look you long for and I thought that of my makeup until i found and tried Oud Milano.

Thank you to Oud Milano and Soapboxpr for giving me the opportunity to test and review the Flawless Beauty Primer and for opening up my eyes to such an amazing makeup product.


  • This product was sent to me complimentary for testing purposes, but all thoughts are honest and my own – this primer rules.

Oud Milano Uk Details :

Address : 353 Oxford St, Mayfair, London W1C 2JG, UK, London W1C 2JG



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Love to you all..




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