Ryan’s family love to take a break down Newquay, in fact, they take the chance to pop down at every given moment. Why wouldn’t you? It is such a beautiful place.

We stay at White Acres holiday park which is run by Parkdean. What makes White Acres so special is the fact that there are numerous lakes scattered around the park. With both Ryan and his father keen anglers, this place is equivalent to heaven for them.

It is also brilliant for us too because White Acres is situated not far from Newquay beach, Truro, Charlestown and also big supermarkets and pubs. There really is something for everyone here!

 Saturday 14th October

The alarm wakes us up at 7.30am! Usually we are woken up way before then by a little monkey jumping on our heads. Turns out all the antics of the day before has left her extremely tired and of all the days to choose a lay in she chose today! Ryan had these high hopes of being on the road by 8.30am and somehow I just couldn’t see that happening – I still had a few bits that I needed to pack too… oops!

Both of us were running around like headless chickens. We decided to leave Shaniah asleep as it would make the last-minute pack just that little bit more bearable.

Just as 8.15am hit the clocks we were all in the car, Ryan was grumpy and I wasn’t in the happiest of moods as in order to see Ryan’s hopes of being on the road by 8.30am through I had to forfeit my bloody breakfast! Who does that to someone?

The journey down was super straight forward, not much traffic but then again I doubt anyone was as stupid as us to be setting off anywhere so early!

Less than 4 hours later we arrived in Newquay. However, first stop was McDonald’s as we were all getting a little bit Hangry by now. I only recently found out that McDonald’s do a chicken nugget meal for adults…Where have I been? Everyone knows that McNuggets are the best

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