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Sunday 15th October 2017

Shaniah woke us up super early this morning. I have a feeling that that was down to being in an unfamiliar environment. We are heading into Newquay today as the little ones have requested a trip to the beach! I am a major lover of the beach so I for one was not going to turn this opportunity down!

Once we arrived at the beach I did what is only really acceptable by the Cornish beach and had a Pasty for breakfast! There’s got to be some unwritten law that states that this is a necessity right?

Cornish Pasty

We made our way down to the sand and I sat there eating my pasty. I love being here, there’s something about this place that makes me instantly happy. I don’t know what it is but I love it.

Shaniah and Freya were happily building sand castles together then Shaniah decided she was going to collect stones. She made her way around the beach finding a few nice stones then she nearly picked up a dog poo! After the scare of us all shouting no to her she decided that she was going to sit on Grampy Pats lap.

Shaniah couldn’t turn down the chance to do a sand angel…

Making Sand Angels

I absolutely love the views which you get to witness when you are walking to and from the beach front. Even in the gloomiest of days the place looks so beautiful.

With Shaniah and Freya hand in hand we all decided to pop into Frankie and Benny’s for some lunch.

The little ones hand in hand

Shaniah decided went for a chicken burger and when it arrived we couldn’t have been more in love! The effort that went into them was second to none.

Chicken burger for Shaniah

With our stomachs full we headed back back spend the rest of the afternoon chilling.

Sunday evening.

It’s Disco time baby! The youngsters have been so good today we decided that they deserved to go to the on site disco. Freya loves to Dance and Shaniah loves to sing… They were practically born to Disco right?

Half way through the Disco,  Shaniah decided that she needed a poo so we had to mad dash to the toilet and pray that she had given us enough warning to get there. Hurray! She did and she managed to do one hell of a poo, so big in fact that I couldn’t flush it. She was obviously getting bored as she managed to unlock the toilet door leaving me there on my own flushing a massive indestructible turd down the toilet. I gave up in the end, there was no budging.

According to Dawn, Shaniah had run in and announced to everyone that she had done one hell of a massive poo even showing the length with her arms!

Before the evening came to a close, Shaniah met both Lizzie the Lizard and Sid the Seagull.

It was 8.30pm and the little ones were getting tired so we decided that it was probably best if we headed back to base and call it a night.

You can read what we got up to yesterday here.

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