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Monday 16th October 2017

With the weather forecasted to be a sunny day we decided that a trip down to Cornwall’s only city – Truro was in order.

We always pop down to Truro whenever we are in Cornwall as it is such a lovely place to be. There are shops to suit everyone here. The youngsters wanted to get some new toys from The Entertainer so we headed there. Freya knew what she wanted and they went off to other shops whilst we were still lurking around the toy shop trying to find what Shaniah wanted. In the end she decided she wanted a Tamagotchi! Both Ryan and I had no objections and were secretly very excited that she had chosen one. If that wasn’t a throwback to our childhood what is?

All that shopping had left us feeling a little peckish so we headed to Thornton’s cafe to have a drink and a slice of cake. Ryan had a hot chocolate and a brownie. I had coke and a chocolate cake and Shaniah had a fruit shoot and coffee cake. Ryan was a little sceptical to get her the cake as he was certain that she wouldn’t eat it but boy was he mistaken! As soon as it was placed in front of her she grabbed her spoon and got stuck in. Soon giving up the spoon and opting to use her hands!

Shaniah and a Tamagotchi

The rest of the family joined us and we had a little catch up before heading off back to the lodge to see how Pat had done on his fishing match.

Shaniah was getting a little bored of walking by now and insisted on Ryan carrying her to the car. What a diva!

Shaniah on Ryan's shoulders

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