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We spent a large amount of yesterday in soft play at Partyman world with our 3 kids, there was loads for them to do.

The smaller area was great and that’s where they started playing, with a small ball pit and slide and plenty of things to climb over, they spent a good 10 minuets before they realised that there was a whole other part to play in. Ivy’s eyes lit up as she saw the huge wavy slide, I have never seen her run so fast and climb the stairs to the slide, she slid down head first with a huge smile on her face, and continued to climb an slide for most of the morning.

While Oscar loved climbing and making lots of friends, letting his imagination run wild. They do party dances on the stage with the kids and everyone gets a prise for joining in, we even got free cup of tea for joining in with the kids, makes it worth it! While there is not much for Hector to do as he is only 10 weeks old he loved the colours and the music.

This soft play area has recently been taken over by Partyman World, it is much improved and always clean with friendly staff willing to help with anything.

They have a lovely café area where you can see both play areas so always know where your kids are, we had tea and hot chocolate while the kids had slushies, then we had our lunch, also have a make your own teddy area where the kids meals were great and didn’t take them long to wolf them down so they could go back to play, we had pizza and nacho which were great and all very reasonably priced.

They also have a make your own teddy area, the kids loved choosing their teddies and an outfit, £15 a teddy while I didn’t think was bad outfits are another £10, nice addition but not needed as teddies are amazing on their own, a nice thing for them to take home and remember the day.

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