Admittedly, I didn’t truly appreciate these tests until recently. I have had my hair died in a salon before, done the allergy test – no issues and then spent the next couple of years playing about with natural colours/looks. However, I recently moved to a different salon, so started the process again… Test patch, little bit of tingle…. Thought nothing of it. This was until I felt behind my ear to discover it had blistered the skin, and I was infact having  quite a nasty reaction. I lightly washed the dye off, counted my lucky stars and informed the salon right away. It did get me thinking though…

How many of us moan about having this test?

How many buy home kits and just go straight into dying?

I’ll hold my hands up and say I was one of them!  I’ve since tried somewhere else, that uses different products. Reacted to one within about 5 minutes, and the other dye was absolutely fine, so clearly there are products out there that can still work for slightly more delicate skin. You just need to go through a little agro finding them I guess first! The patch does tingle, so give it a little bit of leeway, anything more than that though, gently wash it off your skin.

img_1746Part of my own reaction – picked up thanks to patch test Please do make sure you patch test any hair dye before use, you never know what might happen, and even just with a quick google the results can be terrifying without one. What is Patch Testing?

Patch testing is a procedure carried out by hairdressers and colour technicians before applying hair colour to your scalp. This is usually done at least 48 hours before your appointment. It is a simple and safe way of identifying whether the hair dye that the stylist intends to use will cause an allergic

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