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Personalised wrapping paper

If you haven’t already noticed I am a sucker for personalisation.  When gifting there’s nothing I love more than being able to add the recipient’s name onto the gift. I think it stems from the fact I am not able to find my name on those spinning shelves of doom in gift shops. That wasn’t made any easier when my mother decided to pop out a brother for me and name him Ashley, a name that can be found on anything anyway and he gets it all. Thank you Justine.

I absolutely love when someone I know has a birthday approaching. I spend my days sourcing out the perfect gift for them if I can personalise it then that’s even better but if not then I go and grab a personalised card. Something has got to be personalised!

The end of November is my good friend Kayleigh’s birthday. I tried to get Ryan to dig out some gift idea’s for her from his brother who is her fiance, however Ryan isn’t the greatest at playing detective and didn’t get me any idea’s what so ever. It was left down to me to figure it out!

Whilst I was googling ideas for the special recipient, I came across Pretty Gifted a website that makes you personalised gift wrap in 6 simple steps. How amazing is that?! I just knew I had to get this for Kayleigh!

First, I had to pick the colour wrapping paper that I wanted. I could choose from Gold, Peppermint, Silver, Pearlescent, Black or Red. I decided I loved the look of Pearlescent, it had that kind of Unicorn feel to it and we are loving that at the moment!

Next, it was time to pick a font. I went for the simple Lulu font but there were 5 to choose from.

Moving on, time to pick the foil

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