Pet calorie calculator launches to help combat overfeeding our furry friends

Over a fifth of pet owners believe their animal is overweight, yet 86% of people confess to giving their pets snacks More than one in ten find it harder to say no to their pet than to their children when it comes to doling out treats has launched a bespoke Pet Calorie Calculator to help people manage their animal’s weight and avoid hefty vet bills has revealed that the nation has a problem with overfeeding their pets. Research has shown that the majority of Brits (86%) are giving their pets extra snacks and treats outside of typical meal times, according to a poll of over 2,000 respondents.

It appears there is a lack of understanding when it comes to healthy feeding for animals. Only a quarter of pet owners believe they know exactly how much they should be feeding pets and over half (58%) never look at the calorie content of snacks and treats. Despite actively not checking calorie content, over a fifth (22%) of Brits believe their pet is overweight.

Only 15% say they have been given advice on healthy snacks for their animals. To help combat the issue, has developed a pet calorie calculator with ‘Vets in Practice’ star, Emma Milne. The calculator has been designed specifically to measure calorie content of human snacks and treats commonly given to pets, comparing the intake to the human equivalent number of burgers that have been consumed:

Emma Milne, veterinarian from Vets in Practice, said:

Vets and nurses everywhere face the daily challenge of tackling the subject of obesity in pets and it’s becoming a huge welfare issue. Some owners really are killing with kindness. Obesity is just as deadly for our pets as it is for ourselvesNowadays many people are so accustomed to seeing overweight animals that when asked if a ‘normal’ animal is ok they feel they are too thin or even emaciated. The calorie calculator can help pet owners see more easily the impact the ‘odd little titbit’ can have on their animals.”

Stephanie Corbett, Pet Product Manager at said:


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